SpaceShop technology delivers ASWO's spare parts straight to your customers' door

Create an additional revenue stream by opening your own online parts store to sell parts throughout the country. ASWO's SpaceShop service enables you to personalise your site design and set your own pricing strategy, while ASWO runs the back office and manages order fulfilment.

You provide a parts order service to your clients, acting as the shop's front office :

  • The website design represents your company’s corporate identity and company details.
  • You determine what margin you wish to apply and pricing is calculated automatically in a table.
  • Your clients can run multi-criteria searches, view products and availability, and purchase using a bank card through PayPal.

ASWO handles all aspects of the shop's back office :

  • A simple and secure, password-protected online platform, hosted and updated by ASWO.
  • Spare parts procurement and storage.
  • Order validation, shipping and archiving.
  • Claims management on your behalf.
  • Delivery Notes with only your company's name on them, and with no mention of ASWO.

The online ecommerce solution that provides your customers with

  • Over 8.5 million references.
  • A 92% availability rate.
  • Spare parts and accessories for consumer electronics, computers, multimedia and household appliances.
  • A database updated daily by ASWO Web Design and Data Management teams (references, photos…).

The SpaceShop solution is available for a monthly subscription fee to resellers and repair businesses registered as a company, or working as part of a certified, VAT-registered professional organisation. You can end your subscription at any time. Please contact us for more details.