We care about people and the environment, and undertake tangible actions to help them

A fundamental part of our outlook at ASWO is being aware of how we can make a difference to others and the planet.

We have so far made specific commitments in Germany and France in particular, in the name of all 33 countries in which we are present. We are happy to be able to make a positive contribution.


Supporting Disabled Workers in Germany

  • Lammetal Workshops is an enterprise with a social mission where activities are for the most part carried out by disabled employees.
  • Activities are numerous and varied: environmental protection, material recycling, packing, metal and wood processing, selling promotional items.
  • Lammetal sorts, recycles and disposes of ASWO's electronic and computer scrap responsibly.
  • Lammetal also tends the green spaces and gardens around ASWO's German offices and warehouses.

Bringing Hope to Severely Ill Children in France

  • ASWO supports Rêves, an association that makes dreams for very sick children come true thanks to donations and volunteers, giving them the hope and energy they need to battle their illness.

Making an Effort to preserve our Environment

  • To compensate for the construction of a new warehouse, we turned the roof of one of our buildings into a green space.
  • All our packaging materials are made from recycled materials without bleach, and can be recycled again after use.
  • We support solar energy and clean power.
  • We are a long-term member of Greenpeace.