Every year across Europe, we help save around 9 million devices from being scrapped.

Spare parts for more sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue, especially for electronic devices. Whether it's a washing machine, TV, tablet or smartphone: electrical appliances play a central role in our lives. The negative aspect: annually 53 million tons of electronic waste poison our environment - and this figure is growing. Not only since yesterday, but for 45(!) years ASWO provides a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent spare parts range that enable our customers to carry out their repairs. Together with our suppliers and customers we help protect the environment and help improve sustainability in the electrical industry.


Our contribution to sustainability

We fully offset the emissions from our business activities as well as the packaging materials of our packages through climate protection projects:

  • Biomass, Gangakhed, India
  • Forest protection, April Salumei, Papua New Guinea
  • Forest protection, Pará, Brazil
  • Forest protection, Santa Maria, Brazil
  • Regional projects, Harz, Germany

ClimatePartner supports us in calculating, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions. Learn more at www.climatepartner.com/13572-1912-1001.


Support of disabled workers in Germany

The sheltered workshops are a company with a social mission, where the activities are mainly carried out by employees with disabilities. The sheltered workshops support us in the pre-packaging of articles that have not been sufficient packaged by the supplier against damage before re-shipping. They also sort, recycle and dispose of electronic and computer waste in a responsible and environmentally manner. In addition, the sheltered workshops tend the green areas and gardens at the office and warehouse buildings.


Efforts to preserve our environment

To compensate for the construction of a new warehouse, we transformed the roof of one of our buildings in Germany into a green area. All our packaging materials are made from unbleached materials so that they can be recycled after use. In addition, we use 100% green electricity supplied by independent renewable energy sources.