Over 44 years of respecting our customers and responding to their needs.

ASWO was born out of founders Astrid and Karl-Börris Aschitsch's difficulty in finding the spare parts they needed for their radio and television repair shop.


Committed to Customer Satisfaction

When they made the decision to launch their spare parts business in 1974, they asked themselves two simple questions: if they were customers, what would they be looking for and how would they like to be treated ?

The company's commitment to answering those questions as well as it can has taken ASWO from small shop premises to tens of thousands of square metres in warehouse space and millions of spare parts and accessories for household appliances, serving 35 countries throughout Europe. As ASWO continues to grow, its dedication to customer satisfaction remains as strong as ever.

  • 1968

    Astrid and Karl-Börris Aschitsch open their radio and TV shop and repair service.

  • 1974

    After 6 years of activity, Astrid and Karl-Börris Aschitsch decide to address the problem of spare parts availability which was limiting their ability to deliver excellent customer service.
    This is how ASWO was founded.

  • 1980

    After many years we parted with a heavy heart from our retail shop, because all our strength and concentration for this new task is necessary.

    ASWO moves to Eime in the first own company building (Unter den Tannen).

  • 1982

    Early the building became too small. The company building will be extended by 2 floors.

    ASWO opens its first subsidiaries.

    •  1982: ASWO Austria, Netherlands

  • 1984

    After many extensions and reorganisations ASWO outgrows its first building at Unter den Tannen in Eime and ASWO moves into a new building at Schachtweg (also in Eime) tripling its storage capacity.

  • 1987

    ASWO expands into the following European countries:

    •  1987: ASWO France
    •  1988: ASWO Belgium
    •  1989: ASWO Greece
    •  1990: ASWO Hungary

    During the same time, ASWO opens franchises in 22 European countries.


  • 1992

    With the European expansion the German building becomes the distribution centre for all ASWO partners. A new logistics hall is built with new conveyor systems.

  • 1999

    Other European countries follow:

    •  1999: ASWO Bosnia Herzegovina
    •  2001: ASWO Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic

  • 2002

    Due to acquisitions of various manufacturers representations, ASWO needs more space. A new hall will be built and the storage capacity increased to 9000 m2. In addition, a modern call center will be set up.

    •  2003: ASWO Bulgaria

  • 2008

    A new warehouse is being built and is offering a total storage capacity of 13.000m2 with 380.000 storage locations.

    Further countries follow:

    •  2008: ASWO Norway
    •  2009: ASWO Serbia
    •  2014: ASWO Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

  • 2015

    Another warehouse with an area of ​​7.400m2 including new logistics will be built. The heart of this new warehouse is an automated small part warehouse.

    •  2016: ASWO UK
    •  2018: ASWO Switzerland

  • 2018

    • 33.000m2 storage capacity
    • 10.000 orders are processed a day
    • 14 million spare parts are listed
    • 95% availability of spare parts
    • locations in 35 countries including subsidiaries and franchises
    • More than 600 employees throughout Europe at ASWO and at the franchise companies.

    The company is still family owned.